Cristina Telfer

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My half Filipina half australian friend from college Cristina Telfer moved back to Australia just after 1 year in La Salle. She and I were in the same summer program before freshman year and we became very close. Anyway, just last October she came home for her 26th birthday to visit her mom and came over to see me. She asked me to do her makeup for a casual shoot that her friend (who just got a new pro camera) arranged to just experiment (who also said didn't have any intensions of going pro! lol!).

When Cristina sent me this photo, I found her absolutely gorgeous!! I miss you so much Cris!! Hope to see you again this Christmas!!


1. Spot conceal only on areas you need covering.
2. Massage your foundation mixed with a little moisturizer on your face.
3. Set your face with loose powder. Make sure that your skin has a soft velvety feel.
4. Wash the entire lid with a bone colored shadow. Make sure that you apply up until your brow bones.
5. Contour with mocha shadow. Make sure that you blend the creases well.
6. With a wet fine line brush, apply a shimmery shadow to the upper and lower lashlines. and the inner corner of your eyes.
7. Apply 2 coats of lengthening and curling mascara.
8. For your cheeks, use a nice apricot shade (but depends on your skin tone).
9. Line your lips with a deep shade of tangerine or apricot and fill in your lips with the same pencil. Top it with a lipstick that is slightly lighter than your liner. Use a gloss that has a bit of metallic finish.
10. Finish off by brushing a quick sweep of loose powder all over your face.

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Model Cristina Telfer

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