GET THE LOOK: Chocolates, Mochas, and Bronzes

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One of the best makeup looks for me is using shades of browns. I think that it looks sexy without using extreme colors such as black or grey. I think earthy shades of brown accentuates any woman's skin tone.

I applied cream foundation on April and spot concealed any dark spots. I used my hands this time because the cream foundation that I have is very thick, so it needs to be "melted" into the skin when being used.

After I have applied the cream foundation on her, concentrating on the T-Zone, I slightly contoured with another cream foundation half-shade darker than her skin color.

I don't usually contour this extensive on my clients, but April will be singing on stage so lights will be very strong.

Anyway, I dusted her face with a yellow-toned loose powder and really made sure that it is very well set. I wanted to use an iridescent blush so I made the entire face matte. For blush, I used a light mocha matte on her cheeks and contoured with a dark chocolate loose powder on the cheekbones.

After grooming her brows, I started with her eyes. I used a light golden eye shadow as base, and contoured her creases with a dark chocolate shadow. Just remember to blend, blend, blend!

I used BRUN khol pencil from Lancôme, and smudged with a wet sponge brush. I finished it off by applying 2 layers of mascara and black eye liner on the inside rims of her eyes. If you are not used to wearing liners or are wearing contact lenses, skip this part. If you want an even stronger look, use a black liquid liner on your upper lash lines to create an illusion of thick lashes.

For April's lips, I used a nude base and then topped with mocha lipstick. I used a bronze lip gloss to finish the look.

You can look gorgeous with the least amount of makeup products on your face and minimal colors! I love how dramatic April looked that night by just using browns. Try it!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Julie of Studio 119

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