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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One of the first things you should do to make sure your makeup looks polished and beautiful is to prime your skin with a little bit of skin care.

On Ingrid, I used a light-reflecting moisturizer on the skin, it makes your skin look glowing and beautiful. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply the moisturizer. Start into the center of the face, working your way outward.

A well hydrated skin will allow the makeup to slide over very easily and last longer.

It's very important to use a special eye cream around the eyes, because the skin around the eyes is a lot different than the skin on the face. The eye cream should be refined in order to absorb well into the skin. Using an eye cream will help prevent the fine lines around the eyes. Allow 5 minutes to set your moisturizer and eye cream.

The next step is foundation. You should use foundation cream to cover up any little blemishes and it will give your skin an even and natural finish. Make sure you don't apply too much foundation because it may look like a mask on your skin. Use a foundation brush only on areas you need it, apply evenly with the right amount of the product. Start with the center of the face, blend it outwards.

The concealer will conceal the shadows and the imperfections. It's perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes, pimples and spots. Apply the concealer underneath the eyes, around the nose, around the mouth and a little bit around the chin. When you use concealer it's better to use a concealer brush which is similar to the foundation brush, but is much smaller and is meant to be used in smaller areas.

Dot the concealer around the eyes first and then blend with your finger in patting motions. Make sure you get next to the bridge of the nose, because there is always a dark shadow in that area. You can also apply concealer around the nose, the mouth and the chin. This way everything will look more even and natural on your face.

After applying the foundation and the concealer, you can apply loose powder over your foundation to set. Powder is great to be used during the day on these areas of your face that get shiny. It is good for fixing your foundation and adds a natural finish to the skin. It's best to use a translucent powder to avoid looking orange, pink or grey. Use a powder brush and apply to the center of the face, very similar to the foundation application.

The next step is the blush. The blush will make you look healthy and glowing. Use a rose-tone blush color. Put it right to the apples of the cheek and make sure you don't put too much. Start with as little product as possible, and if you need more, build from there. Blend in circular motions.

The lips should be in tone with your blush. Keep it natural looking with a slight shimmer and tint just to add some dimension. Keep your eyes simple or just wear mascara, 2 coats of mascara should add that extra "character" in your natural look.

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris
Hair by Ogie Rayel
Model: Ingrid Holm

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