That 70s Look!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don't know what's with my current fascination with with the 70's but Hendry and I attempted to recreate a 70s look both with the makeup, styling and photography! Our model We met Katerina through Hendry's friend who works for a talent agency, and we just fell in love with her face (and me with the hair too).

As mentioned on my previous post on 1970 disco-diva makeup, the overarching elements of the 70s' makeup fashion incorporated natural, fresh-faced, somewhat earth angel undertones. Cosmetic items that were typically omitted during this era included:

  • Mascara
  • Lip Liner
  • Artificial Eyelashes
  • Heavy Cake Matte Foundations

Though these items were huge in the incendiary 60s, they now had less of a role due to their dramatic and unnatural cosmetic effects.

If you are seeking to mimic the fashion of 70s' makeup, you will solace in a wide palette of pastel and neutral colors as well as a dependency on the following cosmetic items:

  • Lip Gloss Pots
  • Shimmering Eyeshadow
  • Neutral or Pale Eyeliner
  • Muted Blushes
  • Frosted Lipstick Shades

Mascara does not have to be entirely absent from your 70s' face, but focus more on lengthening rather than thickening formulas.


Sexy Luminous Skin

The 70s inspired a new wave in the field of skincare, resulting in women's attention to face creams that included ingredients like avocado oil and various natural moisturizers. This focus on skin health aided the look of a dewy fresh face. If you are looking to copy the style of 70s' makeup fashion, then the first step to achieving this look is a clean well-moisturized face.

Skip foundation if possible. Or if you need some coverage to even out your skin tone and hide blemishes, look towards tinted moisturizers or illuminating foundations. A tinted moisturizer that provides some coverage as well as glimmering particles that work towards the result of even dewy skin.

A Natural Flush

Your 70s' makeup fashion look requires the subtle oomph provided by a rosy glow. However, powder blushes rarely look natural. A refreshing gel blush can provide a clean flush to your cheeks. A stain is worshiped by women and celebrities worldwide for its fresh water-based and easily blendable formula. Darker tones may enjoy the bronzing effect of Bronze Goddess or the berry tones of Flush. The Blushing Bride Cheek Stain is acclaimed as being ideal for all skin types due to its subtle plum color.

Glimmering Eyes

The 70s was all about pearlescent shadows. Whether it be soft neutral shades or dark brown or even gray, it was very much in during the 70s!

Let Your Lips Shine and Shimmer

The best aspect of 70s' makeup fashion is that you won't be looking at a compact all day in order to ensure that your sirenesque lipstick is not feathering outside the rigid boundaries of your lip liner. Make this season easy on yourself by engaging in the shine of 70s-like lip glosses and frosted lipsticks. Some women of the 70s preferred matte neutal lips instead of glossy ones. On Katerina, I opted to do a nude matte lipctick and heave shimmer eyes!


Let your hair absolutely loose and straight! Hair bands worn around the head was also in during the 70s!

Photographed by Hendry David
Post editing by Derrick Francisco
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Styled by Sabs Hernandez
Model Katerina Azevedo, Brazil

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