What's in a makeup artist's kikay kit?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I have received more than a dozen emails asking me what to bring with them in their makeup kits. Also, people have always thought that just because I do makeup for a living, I have a state-of-the-art "tool kit". To be honest, my skin is not that high maintenance, so I can get away with wearing anything on my face. I basically just use makeup that people give me.. Gifts from beauty editors, friends, some stuff I buy from sales, etc. To those of you who have extremely sensitive skin, buy makeup in your brand of choice but with these tips on which to buy.

I finally took the time to take a photo of what's in my kikay kit. I numbered them and labeled them too so you too can have a guide on what essentials you can bring in your bag.

1. Eye Drops - this for me is the most important thing in the whole wide world. My eyes are always itching when I get allergies, and I hate having red eyes! People might think I have sore eyes! I always bring this just in case. Nothing is more unattractive than having a pair of blood shot eyes!

2. Oil Blotters - This is man's greatest invention! You can look fresh in seconds! I always bring this with me when I only have a few minutes to touch up and be oil free!

3. Lip Balm - When I don't feel wearing lipstick or lip gloss, I use lip balm. Specially on days when the air is so dry and my lips are getting chapped. I think lip balms are life savers! Get tinted ones so you'll still have a little color.

4. Khol Pencil - This I love bringing around with me. The khol pencil can make my look dramatic in a minute! When I have an important client I have to meet, or to meet up with friends for dinner, I just line my eyes with this pencil and smudge! Voila! Instant smokey eyes!

5. Dual Purpose Mascara - I personally think that Lancôme's L'Extreme mascara is the best for lengthening and curling! Well, at least for me. But anyway, any brand of mascara that you are used to is also a MUST HAVE in your kit. Sometimes, all you have to wear is this!

6. Liquid liner - For intensity on the eyes, I apply liquid eye liner. Not so much a MUST HAVE, but also a great makeup tool to carry around just in case *wink wink*

7. Dual Wet & Dry Foundation - When I am just going to work or go out anywhere during the day, I use my pressed powder dry. When I am going to a party or an event, I use it wet for more coverage! Dual purpose products can be a big space saver in your kikay kit!

8. Mini brush kit - I think that bringing short-handled brushes is a must for every girl. If you would like to properly transform your daytime look to an evening look, you need the proper brushes! The red-handled ones are from SUESH, the yellow-handled ones are from Bobbi Brown.

a. Blush brush
b. Eye blender brush
c. Eyebrow brush
d. Concealer brush
e. Eyeshadow applicator
f. Mini contour brush
g. Eyeshadow base brush
h. Lip brush
i. Flat eyeliner brush
j. Ultra fine eyeliner brush

Get your own mini brush kit at www.suesh.com!

9.-10. Loose Powder Blush - It's harder to bring around loose powders, but I prefer it actually. The reason behind it is that I am a very clumsy girl, so when I drop my stuff around, I don't have to worry about breaking my blush and making a mess in my kit (don't you just hate that?)! I carry around 2 shades, one for day (matte and light colored), and for evening (deeper in color with slight shimmer).

11. Eyelash Curler - Whether it is Fanny Serrano or Shu Uemura, they serve the same purpose. To curl your lashes to a flirtatious curve ;)

12.-13. Lip Sticks - This too, I carry in twos. Depends on my mood or my look. When I will be doing a dark heavy eye look, I keep my lips light. If I want to keep my eyes bare, I use a deeper shade of red for my lips. It's better to carry 2 just in case. You'll never know what you'll be in the mood for later in the day.

14.-15. Eyeshadow Quads - I always bring 2... So that's like bringing 8! This week, I am carrying around a black/gray palette, and a brown palette. Sometimes, I bring a green palette or purple palette. These will come in handy for those spur-of-the-moment gimmick with friends.

16. Stippling brush - I love love love Suesh's stippling brush. I use this for applying my blush. The mini blush in my brush kit I use for contouring my cheeks. I love how this brush evenly covers my cheeks with product with ease just by swirling it around!

17. Cosmetics Bag - This bag is a gift from my sister. I love how it carries all my tools! It's spacious and it's chic! Love it!

18. Cotton Buds (not photographed) - I carry around a couple of these in mini zip-lock bags, specially when I am wearing heavy eye liner. You know how nasty it is when the product gets under your lower lash lines and makes a mess? Well, that's what these buds are for! Stop using your fingers! You don't know where they've been!

So there you go girls! Try organizing your kits today! I also read this amazing tip from Bobbi Brown -try putting your makeup in clear zip-lock bags! So that you wouldn't have to rummage through your kit every time you need something?

You do not have to carry around a huge kikay kit to school or to work everyday. Remember, the extra weight you're carrying everyday ruins your posture and your back too!

Have fun!

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