What's in a mommy's kikay kit?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

My sister Margs is both a career woman, a wife, and a mother to 2 adorable children. She's busy working 8 hours in the office, then the rest is spent being a mom and a wife in her home. I asked her if I could take a look what's in her kikay kit and tell me a little something about what a busy career mommy brings with her:

1. Eye Drops - "I carry this around because I have a bad case of allergic rhinitis."

2. Concealer - "I have dark circles, and it's even worse when I don't get enough sleep! So this concealer makes me look I've had 10 hours sleep even if I've only had 5!"

3. Lip Balms - "I hardly wear makeup. Only when I am going to a meeting or going to a night out with friends. But one thing I can't live without is lip balms. Tinted ones are my fave, at least I won't look so pale."

5. Gel Blush - "I find it easiest to wipe this on my face without having to pull out brushes or sponges. I am always on the go so when I need to put anything on, I only have a few minutes!"

6. Hair Tie - "I like letting my hair loose. But when it gets hot during the day, it's best to be prepared!"

7. Mini Brush - "One thing I hate is having messy hair! I've had this mini brush for years! I can't live without it!"

8. Pressed Powder - "The single product that I know how to apply expertly! Sometimes all I put on powder and lip stick when running to the grocery store!"

9. & 11. Mascara - "I don't usually put on mascara, but I just carry this around just in case!"

10. Liquid Eye Liner - "Ever since you showed me how liquid liners can change the shape of your eyes, I knew I had to have this product!"

12. Lipstick - "This is the second tube of this shade that I have. This color suits me so much that I don't carry any other shade. I can use it both for day and for night."

13. Tweezers - "I hate having messy brows, having a pair of tweezers in my kit is like a security blanket."

14. Colored Lip Gloss - "If I want a more intense color for my lips, I top this gloss on my lipstick."

15. Eyelash Curler - "Need I say more?"

16. Cosmetic Bag - "I've had this cosmetic kit for years! I just love how fashionable it is. It's actually spacier than it looks!"

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