20 minute hair and makeup

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sometimes, you under estimate your time and the next thing you know, you only have a few minutes to get ready for a dinner party, wedding, or a formal event! Let me show you this 15 minute hair and makeup tip so that you can still look your best for your event!

Apply moisturizer on your face before starting with your hair. This will allow your moisturizer to sink in your skin while you set your hair.

Blow dry your hair with a wide brush, your dryer facing downwards. This will make the follicles of your hair to go the downward direction making it straight and neat. When it is half-way dry, apply mousse to your hair starting at the ends of your hair, with NO products on the roots. Divide your hair in 3 large sections, and twist each one making a low bun, securing it at the lower part of your head. When you're done, start with your makeup.

Apply liquid foundation on your fingertips, and spread it on your face like you would your moisturizer. This will save time rather than using a brush or a sponge. Make sure that it is even and don't forget to get some product under your eyes and your eyelids. Give it about 2 minutes to dry.

Set your face. Lightly powder your face with a loose powder. By using loose powder, you will achieve a supple dewy look. Using your pressed powder will make your face ultra matte.

Use a tinted eyebrow mascara to lighten your brows a little bit. I used MAC's girl-boy brow set to lighten the brows and this will also keep them in place and make them look neat.

Do your cheeks next so you would more or less know what shade of eyeshadow to use. If you want a warm blush, use warm toned eyeshadow as well so that they would look in sync. With a blush brush, sweep your brush from the apples of your cheeks until the temples. Lightly run your brush on your forehead, tip of nose and chin as well.

With an eyeshadow blender brush, sweep a champagne colored eyeshadow from your lashlines to your brow bones, then a nude or mocha colored shade on the creases. Blend together. Curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara.

Trace your lips with a lip pencil that is the same tone as your blush. Fill in your lips with the pencil and top with a tinted gloss.

When you're done with your makeup, let your buns loose and then lightly spray it with a hairspray that won't completely set your hair. Try using Elnett. This type of hairspray can still be brushed and still gives your hair a natural bounce. Pull your curls into a ponytail and then twist your hair here and there until you get the desired look that you want and secure with hair pins. Try pulling your hair into a half ponytail first and take it from there? Spray your hair one last time to set and you are done!

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