Shiseido's Perfect Rouge

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have always loved red lipstick! I think that it's the only color that can completely transform any woman's look dramatically without having to use any other product on your face! A friend of mine from New York gave me a red lipstick for Christmas. She told me that it was the latest that Shiseido came out with. From the tube, the red lipstick looked gorgeous. It didn't look like a "shocking" red, it was soft and looked really creamy.

Last New Year's, I decided to try it on and test its staying power. As soon as I put it on, I fell in love with it. I used a dark red liner as a base, and topped it with Shiseido's Perfect Rouge. I blotted and re-applied twice to make it really stay.

Ladies, EVERYONE can wear red lipstick! It's just a matter of finding the perfect shade of red that suits your skin color and tone! It took me a while until I found the shade that's perfect for me. I have fair skin color, and a cool undertone... So the perfect red lipstick for me would be ones that have a blue undertone, not orange. Lipsticks like deep rose, berries, etc.

Go on a quest to find that perfect red lipstick! It's worth it and addicting!

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