Trina Martinez Trial Hair and Makeup

Saturday, January 24, 2009

When I have clients who have nice skin like Trina, I still recommend airbrush. Not only is the coverage important, but the overall comfort feel of the makeup. She has never tried airbrush before so I convinced her to give it a shot.

I have a new airbrush foundation formula that lasts for about 12 hours or more, and the coverage is full. It is extremely waterproof (perfect for Trina since she told she was a crier, hehehe). This formula is High Definition airbrush forumla, hand mixed with a little silicone to make the foundation more smooth.

I powdered her face with Lancome's sheer loose powder to make the skin still visible but with full coverage.

On her cheeks is a baby pink blush from Lancome and the eye shadow is from a palette which is champagne mixed with a little peach.

I wanted to keep the lips on the nude/neutral side, but dark enough for an evening setting.

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