Summer's Here!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In a few months, it'll be summer! I love the summer (and spring too!) because this is the time of the year to wear lovely pastel shadows and bright lipsticks!

If some of you haven't noticed yet, I love applying green eyeshadow on fair skin. On the other hand, this shade looks good on morenas as well! On the photo I attached, I did the makeup for my cousin's friend Lorrie while her sister took photos (they look pro! hahaha!). We did the make over at her house in time for her school graduation photo that day, so we had to do her makeup early in the morning.

My client, Lorrie, had fair skin. She is used to wearing the basic nudes and browns, and I just thought that doing a fresh look on her grad photos would look best. She was a bit skeptic at first but I assured her that if she didn't like it, we could always change it. Meanwhile, 1 year later... She still does this look for work, gimmicks, and the mall sometimes when she's in the mood!

Keep your foundation light. If you can get away by wearing just tinted moisturizer, do so! This is the perfect time to be wearing it since heavier foundations are reserved for cooler days. Slightly powder your face to set it.

Make your blush bright and blushing. Show your summer glow by using bronzers and blushes that are rich in color! Of course, balancing applies when you wear this look. Avoid making everything look heavy. Assess what feature you would like to emphasize that day.

Wear something vibrant this summer! Don't be afraid to experiment at the cosmetic counters because that's what they're there for! Just remember to load up on mascara because pastels can washout your lashes.

Have a colorful summer!!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome Paris (products used are all from Lancome Paris)
Photos sent by Lorrie taken by Chinkie

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