Tinting your brows with Sally Hansen!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Originally, Sally Hansen's Eyebrow bleach is used for bleaching unwanted hair until the hair pigments get completely stripped that they become white or "invisible". Now, let me teach you how to use the same bleach to tint your brows to match your hair and brighten your face!

Sally Hansen Fast and Gentle Cream Hair Bleach for Face is actually a hair bleaching set composed of a tub of almond-scented hair bleach, a vial of powdery baking soda activator (it has a nauseating, caustic smell so don’t bother to sniff this), a small spatula and a small square mixing tray. Instructions are found on the product’s leaflet and on the Sally Hansen website.

Since I have really dark and thick brows, I put a generous amount of the bleaching cream and baking soda activator mixture and left it for about 8 minutes. I immediately washed it off and voila— my brows now matches my highlighted hair! If this is your first time, start by leaving it on for 3 minutes and check after every minute to get the level of lightness you want for your brows. Remember! Your eyebrows are just supposed to be about a half shade lighter than your current hair color.


Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome Paris

Photographed by Filbert Kung

Modeled by Francesca Serrano

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