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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Hi Ms. Sabs,

I love this part of your blog! College ball is approaching. I've been checking out mags and a lot of times, when I like certain makeup looks, I learn that you're the makeup artist! That's why I searched for you online. I noticed how "glowing" your models are in beauty features. I don't know how to use pastels as eyeshadow. I always attempt to recreate the "sweet look" I find in teen and young girls' magazines like Candy. I don't know how to make the soft look! is it silver eyeliner you're using in the lower lids? and i don't know how to make the blush look shiny/glowing.:( hope you can help me! I'll be wearing a cotton candy pink dress on my grad ball. THANKS SO MUCH. Superrr.

-Eunice Amara

Hi Eunice!

Thanks for your letter! If you do plan to do your own makeup during your grad ball, I would suggest that you practice weeks before the big day. I would collect pictures of the looks that I want and I would keep practicing until I perfect the one look that I really really want.

It said in your email that you liked the beauty looks that I did for Candy. I compiled 2 looks here from beauty editorials that I have shot in the past and talk to you how I created the look on these models.

If you feel that after you have done these looks and you still feel that your makeup is not as nice as the ones on the models, please remember that these photos have already undergone some minor retouches and some pro photoshoping. I have had girls email me before that they would like to look like the models and celebs in the magazines but let me tell you know that we have shot roughly about 100+ frames with a professional photographer who uses tons of lights, reflectors, and other pro equipment to get the 1 shot that looks perfect. We stay behind the scenes during the entire shoot to retouch makeup and put every hair in place after a couple of shots. These pros behind the camera also does a whole lotta work on post production before they are published. So don't get discouraged :) I also put here products for your to try that is budget friendly for your age group. I don't only recommend high end products so don't worry about having to spend a whole lot in creating your gradball look.

The looks I will show you (which I feel that would go perfectly with your pink prom dress) is the one from Seventeen Mag (upper right) and Candy magazine (below left). It's really just a matter of the shades of eyeshadows that you would use, but the makeup aplication is basically just the same:


Start by washing your face with cold water. This will help minimize the pores and will wake your skin up! On some of my brides, I advise them to rub ice on their face specially on the eye area to reduce puffiness and so that their skin will look alive!

Ice can be very drying, so remember to always, always, always moisturize before makeup. You can skip the toner if you haven't worn makeup that day.

Allow your moisturizer to set for about 5 minutes before you start with your base.


If you would like a flawless and perfect base, don't scrimp on a good foundation. Invest in a brand that makes great foundation formulas and that matches your skin color and tone perfectly. When buying, make sure that you check the shade outside on the street where there is natural light. Department store lights messes up your real skin color, and women always end up buying the wrong shade.


Apply your foundation with a stippling brush, foundation brush or a makeup sponge. These tools will ensure even application. The best tool I have discovered however are your hands! Your hands actually "melt" and warm the foundation a little bit that makes it even more blendable and makes the foundation look like it is pressed on the skin.

Spot conceal any areas on your face that needs coverage. Use a concealer that is about a half a shade lighter than your skin color.


Lightly dust your skin with a loose powder that has a yellow base with a big powder brush. This product will set your foundation in place, and will make it resistant to water.


If you were wondering what blush I used that is a bit shiny but not exactly a shimmer product, I use blushes that have an iridescent finish. Iridescence is the property of certain surfaces to change their colour depending on the angle under which they are viewed. So it's not exactly glitters or shimmers, it's a product that has very fine reflective properties. There are a lot of brands that carry this now so just ask the counter for a blush that is iridescent. My favorite? Try Body Shop's Blushing Dasies!


The eye shadow I used on the Candy editorial is a theater product that is very very thick. The pigment is very high so that it will show on camera. So if you were to use a white shimmer eye shadow, don't panic if it doesn't look like the one from the picture. Wash your entire lid from lashlines up until the browbones, and blend very well. I used MAC's White Frost. Try Lancome's Color Design in Creme Lustre.

Step 7

I used false eyelashes on these models that's why their lashes look lush, long, and extremely full. If you are not an expert in wearing falsies, there is a wide variety of cosmetic brands that carry great mascaras now that can give you the same effect! Just apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara, allowing a minute for the product to dry after each application. Try Maybelline's Great Lash Waterproof Mascara.

Step 8

For the lips use a lip pencil as your base so that the color will stay on all night. Line your lips with the pencil, and fill it in with the same pencil. Then, top your lips with a gloss of your choice! Try Lancome's Color Fever Gloss. For the pencil, try The Face Shop's autoatic lip liner pencil in Warm Pink.

I hope I was able to help you out! Just remember to practice and be patient. Take time to browse through product and try them on! When you do try on products, make sure that you step out where there is natural light and check the real color. Department lights can play tricks on your eyes :)

Have fun!!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome Paris

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