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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Q: "Hi Sabs! I am morena, and I have always had trouble with eyeliner. With my dark skin, I have even darker skin under my eyes. And because of this, every time I wear eyeliner, it makes my under eye area even darker. Help! Many thanks -Julie" [Received via Ask Sabs]

A: Hi Julie! Don't panic! I can give you tips and a possible solution to your beauty problems. I have many clients and have worked with talents and models with your same beauty concerns.

Meet Laura. I have attached her photo here so that we have a model for our little discussion (hehehe...) She was one of my models in Hong Kong. Laura is a Filipina, working as a model there. Anyway, Laura didn't exactly have dark under eyes, but she had some discolorations under her eyes because of lack of sleep and dehydration. During the shoot, I needed to make her fresh.

Before you put on your makeup, make sure that your face is clean. Tone and moisturize, then allow 5 minutes for the products to set. If you use an eye cream, do so before makeup.

For Laura's eyes, I used a peach-tone or an orange based concealer for her under eye area that is about 1/2 shade lighter than her skin color. Then i used a setting powder that matched her skin color and tone exactly.

If you are using liners, use waterproof ones, and don't line the inner rims of your eyes. Our eyes naturally produce tears when they get dry so running the liner is a common faux paz when applied at the rims.

Try lining your eyes at the lashlines, and use a peach-tone liner (or nude) for the inner rims. This will open up your eyes but still gives you that dramatic look.

Photographed in Vogue It Is Beauty School, Hong Kong
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Model Laura Bautista Chan

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