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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am both a steam bath and sauna aficionado. I really can't go through the day without having that hour session of sauna and steam. Every morning after a hard workout, I take and make time to do a long sauna and a steam bath. I have been doing this for nearly a year and I do not plan to stop anytime soon. I didn't really know the health benefits of the sauna and steam bath until I noticed a lot of positive effects it had on my skin, and that is just one of the positive results it had when I did a little research on it!
Skin cleansing is the method used to remove the surface dirt and other substances which accumulate and cause clogging of the pores of your skin. You should perform regular skin cleansing for a blemish free and healthy complexion.

Skin cleansing, in addition to other cleansing methods like colon cleansing and liver cleansing, can also be used effectively for the treatment of multiple chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pesticide and chemical exposure. It is also used to release stored toxins under the skin. In the skin cleansing method, the elimination of toxins is usually done by stimulating the lymphatic system. It also helps to improve blood circulation and the removal of dead cells from the skin.

You can use long handled natural bristle brush or loofah sponge for skin cleansing. Start from the soles of your feet and finish with the scalp. During skin cleansing, you need to brush in small circles from the feet towards the chest. You should avoid the sensitive areas such as face, breasts, and other sensitive areas during the skin cleansing process.

Since the contrast between the hot and cold water increases the micro circulation of the body tissues, it is better to do the skin cleansing before a contrast shower. This helps to bring nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues and aids in the elimination of waste and toxic substances. Contrast showers also helps to increase the number of white blood cells.

Sauna is widely used as a skin cleansing method. This is an ideal process for the elimination of the environmental chemicals stored in the fat cells. For skin cleansing using sauna, you should use a dry heat sauna that is not treated with the toxic chemicals.

After your sauna and steam bath, exfoliate with a brush or a loofah from your foot to your head. Use circular motions to scrub off dead skin and toxins!


after a hard workout when the body is hot, take a cool shower. Do not use water where you are near shivering. Just use water that is cooler than your body temperature and cool down. I personally don't like wearing anything in the Sauna room, I just bring my own beach towel (long enough to protect my whole body when I am lying face-down on the bench).

2. TEMPERATURE CHECK - For Steam Baths it is 43-46C (110-116F). The steam room in my gym doesn't have a temperature controller so I just set the knob on high. For the Sauna, the most beneficial temperature is 70-90C (160-194F).

Before going inside the room, drink a glass of water. Remember that you will be sweating bucket loads so drink up! You may bring a glass of water with you or some ice to wet your lips and your face if it gets too hot.

4. OIL UP - Massage some oil on your body when you are inside the room. Not only will this help prevent your skin from over drying, but depending on the oil that you use, the scent could be very soothing and therapeutic. So when choosing your oil, go to spas or beauty stores and check their aromatherapy oils. I personally use Lavander from Watsons, or Ellipse Body Oil in Morning Dew. I do not really spend a lot on these oils because you use a whole lot of them everyday. So buy one that is both natural and smells good.

5. SCALP & HAIR PROTECTION - Before entering the room, I massage my scalp with coconut milk. I buy this in the supermarket. Then, I wrap a damp towel around my head and enter the sauna.

6. ACTIVATE HEAT - Activate the sauna stones by splashing some water on it. Sauna rooms usually have scented water inside the room that you can use. The more water you pour, the hotter it is.

7. BENCH - There are 2 levels in the sauna room. If you sit on the higher bench, it is hotter than that of the lower one. I choose to lie facing down on the high bench.

8. INTERVALS - Stay for about minutes. You can't bring watches or anything mechanical in the sauna for this WILL break. Sauna rooms usually have hour glasses mounted on the wall. The standard is 12 minutes so stay until it about half-way finished. Take a cool shower and wash away the oil, sweat and dirt. Go back to the sauna and wipe water. Repeat about 3 or 4 times.

9. STEAM - If you would like to to do both the sauna and steam bath, you may do so. Just remember to cool down after each session and drink lots of water! If you feel light headed and dizzy, stop and catch some cool air. Rest and take a cool shower.

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome Paris
Shots of Sauna and Products from Google Images

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