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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I always receive countless emails from people selling me makeup brushes and other palettes, but there is only one brand that I truly trust and enjoy.

Ever since I chanced upon Suesh's Multiply site, I kept coming back and checking what's new. I got my first set of professional brushes 2 years ago, and up until now, they are in perfect condition even after countless shampooing and sun-drying. The hair remains soft and intact.

Every time girls email me asking me what brushes I would recommend, I would always refer them to Suesh. I really believe in their products.

LET ME SHARE WITH YOU SOME GREAT NEWS! Suesh now has palettes for cream products such as foundations, lipsticks, blushes and stuff! I just ordered from Sheryll my 21-well palette and 14-well palette! I am so excited to receive them via mail!

Check them out!

21-well palette

14-well palette

To order Suesh brushes or palettes, check out http://www.suesh.com or contact Sheryll directly at 09178942625 or 09226038087!

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