A Pain-free summer!

Monday, April 20, 2009

For the past 4 years, Boracay has been my friends' and family's annual summer destination. In the first 2 of those years, I always came home with a very bad sunburn, and during the 3rd year, I came home looking like lobster. I had to sleep sitting up, naked, and in excruciating pain for almost a week!

I was always afraid that if I applied sunblock, I will not get the tan that I want (to show off that you've been to the beach...) so i would apply a sunblock once a day, and pile on tanning oils like, NO AD's DARK TANNING OIL, or TAN AMPLIFIER, MAUI BABE's BROWNING LOTION, and even BODY SHOP'S BODY OLIVE OIL! I would start the day by applying a thin layer of SPF 30 and I would religiously apply tanning products the whole day, specially after I swim.

In those 3 years of sunburns, my boyfriend would always come home with a nice natural tan even though he wouldn't apply any tanning products. He would just apply SPF 50 the whole day and stayed under the shade. So on the 4th year, I vowed to myself that I would apply SPF and protect myself from sun exposure, and that I won't feel bad if I came home with a not-so obvious, un-burned skin.

A few days before leaving for the beach, I asked my boyfriend to buy a huge tube of VMV's Armada Sunblock SPF 70 when he was shopping for beach stuff. Actually, SPF 30 would do the trick but I wanted to get the maximum protection and more, +more. I wasn't going to go home with a sunburn this year!

This SPF is amazing. I loved how it's not sticky and so very easy to apply. It can be for both the face and body so you do not have to bring a whole lot of bottles with you. I would reapply this each time I would come from the water (water droplets can magnify UV Light so cut your normal swim time to 50%) , and didn't bask in the sun like I would in the past. I would stay under an umbrella the whole day. After 6 days, I came home with a fabulous looking tan without the pain!

The whole point of my post is to let you readers know that I have learned my lesson. I would always post entries about SPF, UV rays and other safe tanning tips, and I would personally ignore most of them. It is only this year that I followed the tips and the steps I would post, and I came home happy and pain free!

Grab a tube of VMV's ARMADA SUNBLOCK SPF 70 today before hitting the beach! I absolutely give it 2 thumbs up!!

Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Model: Cristalle Acosta

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