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Monday, April 27, 2009

I have wavy hair. But the bangs and the baby hairs are the worst. They tend to become really curly specially when I am in places that have such high humidity! Sometimes I would use tons of hairspray to tone it down, but the frizziness of my bangs still manage to fight the product!

In this picture on the right, you can see my "buhaghag" hair trying to stand up even though i secured my bangs already with a clip.

Usually in the morning after I shower at the gym, I apply a straightening serum to manage my baby hair, and tie it in a ponytail. When it dries and I see that my hair is starting to stand up, I use my sunglasses to cover them up or a head band! You will usually see me in a ponytail because I can't seem to manage my hair!

The only time you see me with my hair down is when I go out at night when I can let it loose and do whatever it wants. The wavier the better!

But one time at a shoot, I was working most of the morning and when I glanced at myself in the morning, I saw that my hair was all over the place, some were even standing! It was embarrassing. I didn't look neat at all, and it was even more humiliating that my livelihood depends on how we present outselves! Hahaha!

Luckily, hairstylist Bren was there at the shoot and I asked him how I could manage this unruly hair. He applied Bed Head's Superstar Queen for a day! product on my roots and massaged it on my scalp. He just brushed it up with his fingers and tied my hair with a hair tie and amazingly my baby hair went down!

He advises that I put this product on my hair just after showering so that when it dries, my hair wouldn't stand up. I love this product!! I should have asked Bren a long time ago about Bed Head's products considering that I am a loyal user of Bed Head's Uptight! Hahaha! Thanks Bren!

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