Quick Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The first thing I do after I buy new eyeshadow is drop it on the floor and shatter it into a million pieces. I am just clumsy that way.

How many times have you accidentally dropped your eyeshadow on the floor and been left with a mess? I use to carefully pick up each broken eyeshadow and put them back in their case and would carefully open it each time I use. Sometimes, this leaves a huge mess in my makeup kit!

I was surfing the internet until I browsed upon the site that taught women how to quick fix broken eyeshadow!


If the shadow has a very soft texture, simply place all of the pieces into its original packaging. Place a kleenex over the top and gently press down using your index finger. After several small presses, your eyeshadow should be intact once again!

However, if your shadow is not soft enough for the above process, more severe measures must be taken.

You will need: a ziploc bag, rubbing alcohol, scissors, paperclip (or bobbypin), fabric, and a coin.

Using your paperclip, break the eyeshadow up and pour into a ziploc bag. Tilt the bag so all of the eyeshadow is concentrated in the corner of the bag. Smash the shadow until it becomes a fine powder (I used my chapstick). Clean and sanitize the original eyeshadow pan.

Place two drops of alcohol into pan using a medicine dropper. I found a nice dropper from Landmark and it helps me store a few ml of alcohol in it too in case I need to quick fix in a shoot.

Cut the corner of the ziploc back and pour half of the eyeshadow into the pan. Add a few more drops of alcohol and mix using your paperclip. Add the rest of the eyeshadow and the necessary amount of alcohol to form a thick smooth paste, like icing. Smooth it out the best that you can (doesn’t have to be perfect right now) and let the alcohol evaporate until it has almost completely hardened, about 30 mins. Take a coin that will cover the the entire eyeshadow pan (a quarter usually works) and wrap it in your fabric. You should choose a fabric with a pattern close to that of eyeshaows. Firmly press the coin into your eyeshadow. Make sure to press hard enough to pack in the eyeshadow, but not too hard so that the eyeshadow breaks and oozes out.

VOILA!! Your eyeshadow makeup is now like brand new! Well... Sorta ;P

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