YOUR BIG DAY: Well Manicured Hands

Friday, April 24, 2009


A lot of brides ask me during pre-trial meetings if having well manicured hands is important on their big day is. I say, very very important.

Your official wedding photographer is bound to take lots of pictures of the happy couple holding hands and showing off their new rings (some are pretty much in closeup mode). So chipped nails and chapped hands are obviously not an option. No PhotoShop software in the world can make dry hands look supple and well groomed.

To ensure your hands are smooth and your nails look strong and healthy, use a good hand cream every day for a month before the wedding and treat yourself to a regular manicure so unruly cuticles and soft/brittle nails can be sorted out in time for you wedding.

If you are anything like me who is a nail biter and have no time to grow your nails, go to a nail salon and inquire about nail extensions, sculptured nails or acrylic nails. These are temporary and they have different lengths too! You can go from short, medium, or long. They cost between PhP 80.00 to 100.00/finger depending on the nail salon you go to.

I have put together here some lovely bridal colors that you can choose from which are pretty much common for brides.

There are a lot of brands now that carry lovely pastel colors for brides. Take the time to browse the shelves and try them out before buying the one you want!

Make sure that you book days before your big day! Here are just a few reputable nail spas in Manila to help you get started:

(click to visit their website)

Tried & Tested:
* These are the ones I have tried and always go to.
*Dashing Diva
*California Nails & Day Spa
*The Spa
*Neo Day Spa

So I heard...
Posh Nails
Nail To Toe
Tips N' Toes
Celebrity Nails
Serenity 24/7

Try also:

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