The Allure of a Dramatic Eye Makeup

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We’ve all seen photos of women with gorgeously smoky eyes, or perhaps a model with eyeliner so dark and deep, she looks perfect and unreal. Unfortunately finished photographs usually involve a little airbrushing and PhotoShop enhancements we can’t have for every snapshot of ourselves.

However with a little practice and the right tools, you can successfully achieve the alluring draw of dramatic eyes. Many women desire the look of dramatic eye makeup, but do not have the skills or the expertise to wear it well. With the tips below you can begin to explore this world of cosmetic intrigue, and hopefully obtain a look you will love.

Don't limit yourself with blacks, greys, and silvers. You can pull off the dramatic eye look with practically any color.


If you are going to try out a makeup look darker than you normally wear, there are a few products you will want to make sure you have:

  • An eye pencil a shade darker than normal
  • Black or dark purple/blue mascara
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Eye makeup brushes in a variety of size
  • Both light and dark colored eye shadow

After you have all of these supplies,you can begin to experiment and play around with different dramatic eye makeup looks.


1. Start your look by coloring your eyebrows about a shade lighter than your natural hair color. If your eyebrows are exceptionally light, then you can take the time to practice adding a shade darker of eyebrow pencil, gel or powder to them perfectly and choosing eye shadow colors that compliment them. Eyebrow shape can make or break your beauty, so make sure your eyebrows are symmetrical and shaped with a natural-looking arch. WHAT I USE: Sally Hansen's Facial Hair Bleech. It's very easy to use and doesn't sting! Need to add color to your brows? I use Makeup Forever's Eyebrow Corrector Gel in #0 or #2.

2. Next, apply a light shade of eye shadow starting at your eyelash line and going up to the base of your eyebrow. Your color choice depends upon your complexion and eye color, however, a subtle gold/brown usually works well.

WHAT I USED ON MARGS: DIOR 5 Colour Eye Shadow Palette in Stylish Move.

3. Following application of this light color, use a darker shade in a thin line and place it in the crease of your eye lid. This will help to “open up” your lids and make them look large, expressive, and dramatic. You can also use a medium shade on top of this dark color if you want to blend and add variety. Blend this mid-toned third shadow into your brow bone.


5. After you have completed your shadow, it’s time to use eye liner. This is unfortunately where many women go wrong. To prevent this from happening, start out small. It is easier to add product than it is to remove it. If you are a newbie, try using a gel eye liner with an eye liner brush. This is easier to control.

Place black eyeliner to your upper lashes first. Using a very thin line, apply from the inner corner outward. When you move on to the bottom lashes, be sure the two lines do not touch, as this will actually shrink your eyes and cause you to look cat-like rather than gorgeously dramatic. Complete your look with a couple of coats of dark mascara, and curl if desired. WHAT I USED: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner.

Dramatic eye makeup can be emphasized with fun additions like iridescent shadow or a pencil liner containing shimmer. However, usually dramatic eye makeup is commonly known for being black, mauve, browns. Painted, and precise.


Dramatic eye makeup can enhance your look for a variety of occasions. Now that you have achieved your dramatic look, where should you wear it? Save it for fun evenings out, perhaps when you next go dancing at your favorite club or have an after-hours work soiree to attend.

Model Photographed by Jojo Tatlonghari
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Model: Margs Lopez
Product shots courtesy of Google Images

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