Ask Sabs: Help! Makeup for an 18 year old.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q: "My cousin will be celebrating her 18th birthday this may 23, 2009 and i wil do her make-up. i am not a professional make-uo but i do attend a make-up class (for 2sessions) and i have a questions:

1. her face is oily
2. she tends to cry when i'm applying eyeliner so her make-up smudges... hahahahha
3. she got dark skin (her summer class for swimming ended last month)
4. she's chubby

what kind of make-up should i apply to her. i just finish learning how to make natural look and smokey. i hope you can give me some pointers. thx." -Anonymous [Sent via Multiply on May 11, 2009]

1. If her face is extremely oily, you should use a liquid formula that is water based, not oil based. To avoid making her face look dry because of the formula, use a powder that has iridescent particles to make her skin dewy, not oily. Try Revlon's Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin. This formula is water-based and is long wearing. It can also withstand sweat and tears! Lightly set it with a loose powder just so your base makeup wouldn't "move".
2. Everyone cries when they are being put with eyeliner. You just have to use a non-smudge, waterproof eyeliner. Another way is to use eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush. MAC and BOBBI BROWN have fantastic eyeliner brushes that is very precise. If it still smudges because of her excess tears, skip this step all together. Try Lancome's Waterproof Le Crayon Khol Pencil. This pencil glides on smooth and comes with a sponge smudger for that smokey effect.
3. Match her present color from the neck and the jaw so that your foundation matches her neck, not her face. If you match her foundation with her face, it would look like she has a floating head. If her skin is clear, use a tinted moisturizer and spot conceal with a concealer. Tanned skin usually looks heavier than that of the fair skinned so a tinted moisturizer would be most natural looking. Just dust with loose powder to set it. Try Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. It feels very light, and yet has great coverage enought to cover minor imperfections.
4. Contouring is best for putting makeup on young ladies who still have baby fat. CLICK HERE to view pointers on contouring and highlighting.

5. The arc on the eyebrows is very important. It gives character and give the entire face a lift giving it the look of confidence: CLICK HERE for tips on how to properly shape the brows, or CLICK HERE for bleaching tips.

If you are shaping with makeup product, try Youngblood's Brow Artiste. It comes with a browbrush and a pair of tweezers!

Product shots courtesy of Google Images
Text by Sabs Hernandez
Model Photographed by FILROBES
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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