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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Q: "Hi ms. sabs! I have a question. I am on a quest for project clear skin. i am getting married in january and i would like to at least have clear supple skin to prep my skin before makeup. i have been following your blog for quite sometime and i even went to your mylancome event launch so i could meet you in person. When i saw you, i really admired your clear beautiful skin. do you have a skin care routine that i can inspire from? what products do you use? can you give me a description what they do? how long will it take for my skin to clear up? thanks ms. sabs!" -leah [sent via EMAIL on May 22, 2009]

A: Thanks Leah for your very flattering email. Well, first of all, let me share with you that when I was growing up, I had extremely dry skin. I would flake all over my face specially around the nose area. I was really annoyed so I started putting moisturizer at 13. As soon as I put on my first moisturizer, I was addicted with the feeling.

I switched from moisturizer to moisturizer until I found the perfect formula for me. When I joined Lancome almost 4 years ago, they gave me my first Lancome moisturizer. It was the Primordiale Optimum. I used the entire bottle and it really worked wonders for me. From then on, I tried different Lancome products and through the years, my skin improved.

This is me (photographed) without makeup. As you can see, compared to my picture with makeup, I have a lot of spots spread all over my face. This is what a
spot eraser does, it erases the dark spots only on areas you need erasing. Don't go for whitening products because sometimes these products will not allow you to have any kind of sun exposure at all, and the moment you step out onto the sun, your face may get more dark spots! I have a lot of tiny freckles too that I am now working on.

If you look even closer, you will see fine lines starting to appear around my eyes. This is where an
eye cream comes in. A night cream aids in repairing your skin during the night, so it's good to invest in a night cream as well. Of course, before anything else, you have to tone your face. A toner doesn't "close" pores. Toners are actually used to remove any remaining dirt and cleansers on your face before you pile another layer of moisturizer.

I took a photo of my skin care products so I can better explain what each one does. I do not mean to plug but I really own mostly Lancome products. There are other products that I use though, products which are not available with Lancome.

1. Gelatee Confort, Comforting Skin Cleansing Milk - Emolliently-rich and milky creme cleanser gently melts away makeup and impurities. Rinse or tissue off.

2. Eau De Bienfait Clarte, 3 in 1 Cleansing and Toning for Face and Eyes - In one step, this refreshing cleansing water lifts and removes impurities and even waterproof, long-lasting face, eye and lip makeup. Skin is purified, toned and revitalized.

3. Bi-Facil, Non Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes - Double-phase, fresh-as-water liquid eye makeup remover. Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

4. Huile Eclat, Remove-all Deep Cleansing Oil for Face and Eyes -This all-in-one cleansing oil instantly dissolves even waterproof face and eye makeup. Immediately skin texture and tone are refined. Skin is velvety soft and dewy, without any greasy after-feel.

5. Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3, Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion Moist - This product whitens, hydrates and refines skin for a sublime look during the day. Brown spots appearance diminishes and complexion becomes luminously transparent.

6. Galateis Clarte, Gentle Clarifying and Cleansing Fluid for Face and Eyes -
Creamy tissue or rinse off cleanser specially designed for dry skin. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and soothed. Removes even the heaviest makeup.

7. Primordiale Optimum Levres, Visibly Plumping Effect Smoothing Lip Treatment -
As the aging process begins, your skin’s cellular activity slows down, resulting in rough and uneven texture, and the appearance of fine lines around the lip contours. A lip treatment to visibly smooth and renew the lips, restoring their vitality.

8. Primordiale Optimum Nuit, Visibly Skin Regenerating Night Treatment -
a night cream to visibly smooth and renew skin, restoring its youthful look and vitality.
9. Hydra Zen NeuroCalm, Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Gel Essence - Its original and incredibly fresh texture brings intense hydration, immediately and for 24 hours. Deliciously hydrated, skin recovers comfort, softness and luminosity.

10. Primordiale Optimum Yeux, Visibly Smoothing Eye Treatment -
This rich, luxurious gel cream hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes for immediate softness. Lancôme’s exclusive technology with Pure Vitamin E helps protect the fragile eye area from premature aging factors so it’s free to repair itself. 11. Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3, High Potency Whitening Spot Eraser - Targets damaged surface cells to reduce the appearance of dark spots, while a combination of Vitamin CG and botanical extracts helps even out and brighten the complexion.

1. Wash face with cold water and use Huile Eclat.
2. I tone my face.
3. I apply my SPF 70 sunblock from VMV.

1. If I am wearing makeup, I use Bi-Facil for my eyes and my cleansing milk to remove the makeup.
2. I wash my face with the cleansing oil.
3. Tone.
4. I apply my eye cream in light stippling motions.
5. Then, I spot erase my freckles and other dark spots.
6. I massage my Hydra Zen Soothing Anti-Stress gel until it has completely been absorbed.
7. I put on my Skin Regenerating Night Treatment cream.
8. Apply lip treatment.

Remember to find your own skin care routine. You do not have to use these products. Test different products and find out which one works for you and your skin type.

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  1. Hi Sabs!

    How do you keep the skin on your lids tight?

    1. An anti-aging or a wrinkle corrector eye cream should do! ♥


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