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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was in a shoot today with Robbie Pinera. While he was doing makeup, I was going through his makeup kit and saw that he has Chanel's Bronze Universel.

Bronze Universel is a cream bronzer which goes on like foundation anywhere you need a glow.

I was about to try it on my hand but we had to start shooting already. I couldn't get the product out of my mind so I went by Rustan's to buy myself one before my bridal clients arrive at home at 5:30PM.

The moment I touched the product, I already fell in love with it! The consistency is so creamy and it glides on easily. So easy to blend with a foundation brush too! If you are going to invest in this amazing product, I recommend blending with a Kabuki Brush as well. Suesh Brushes have great Kabuki Brushes for only PhP 700!

This product is so creamy and smells amazing. The shade is classy and golden, great for all skin types. And because it's a cream formula, you don't need much foundation underneath. A tiny bit of this product goes a long way, not to mention the jar is huge! So it lasts forever.

I used the product to contour my brides' faces and they all loved the effect it gave. It wasn't too orange that's why it looked so natural. I give this product a 2 thumbs up!!


1. Dip your ring finger from tip until halfway down your finger so that you have an inch worth of product on your finger.

2. Apply the product just below your cheek bones and blend downward.

3. With a Kabuki Brush, blend in small circular motions until there are no more hard lines, but faint line is visible just below your cheekbones is showing.

4. Dust translucent powder all over your face to set your bronzer!

Model Photographed by FILROBES
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Model: Angie Sandel

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  1. How much for the brinzer at rustans? :-) or just in peso? :p


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