The Neutral Palette

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today was Lancome Weddings' Bridal Shower Event. I had to do the makeup of Ems and Allison both from L'oreal. I did their makeup "bride style" to keep in tone with the theme.


- I used a stippling brush to blend Ems' foundation. But after application, I still used a wedge to blend some more until the foundation "melted" into her skin.

- I used Lancome's Colour Focus Palette in Delicate Romance. I used the darkest shade to contour and the lightest to highlight her browbones.

- For Ems' cheeks, I used a blush that is in the same shade and tone with her eyeshadow. She's very fair so a nice baby pink looked best on her.

- I kept her lips on the nude side to maintain that "fresh" and "no-makeup" makeup look.

- Defining the eyes with liquid liner and mascara made Ems' chinkie eyes open up.


- The same application of the base was applied on Allison as well. Blend well up to the neck.

- For her eyes, I used Lancome's Color Focus Palette in A Fleur De Peau. A neutral palette that is on the orange side. Since Allison had tanned and warm skin, I used shades that were on the orange tone.

- I contoured her cheeks with an apricot blush and concentrated on the apples of her cheeks to make her narrow face fuller.

- I was enjoying the neutral and nude look too much tonight so I used an orangey-nude lipstick on Allison to keep the focus on her eyes which I emphasized with 2 coats of mascara on both the top and the bottom lashes.

Remember, that with makeup you don't have to follow everything in that makeup book to the letter. I was taught that when you have nude eyes, you have to have a stronger lip and vise versa. But for me... Sometimes keeping everything nude makes a different kind of statement!

So throw the old rule book away and just have fun experimenting to keep your looks updated and fresh!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Photos courtesy of Google Images

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