Monday, June 29, 2009

Try these quick-fix tips to keep you looking great everyday!

* Lookin' tired? Mix a little liquid shimmer into a few drops of foundation for a fresh, awake glow!

* For extremely dark under-eye circles, mix a little blemish concealer with your under-eye concealer for maximum coverage.

* If you do not want to invest in a separate spot concealer, dip your concealer brush into the leftover foundation that is a bit dried up in the cap. It's thicker than what's in the bottle and you can layer it on the spots!

* If you are extremely bothered by your dark circles, shift the focus by playing up another feature, like your mouth. Wear bright gloss to draw attention from your under eyes.

* BLUSH OVERLOAD! If you've applied too much blush, this should help: If you're dealing with a cream blush, take a makeup sponge, place a drop of foundation on it, and with tiny upward strokes, buff over your blush to soften the color. If you used powder blush, do the same with a dry sponge.

* Black mascaras make more of a statement and gives you that extra "umph!" Keep an eye out for formulas with smaller brushes; they offer control for faster application and fewer clumps.

* Save time by turning a cream blush into a two-in-one product. Blend the cream blush on the apples of your cheeks then dab the same color onto your lips for a quick natural look.

* Make the whites of your eyes pop by applying sapphire blue pencil along the inner rims.

* Greasy creases? Before starting your makeup routine, prep your lids with a little mattifying gel. This will also make the colors you apply on top stay true longer.

All photos from Sabs Hernandez photo archive. Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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  1. I was looking through your posts regarding concealers (or concealing under eye circles)--who better to ask than a makeup artist--and I came across this post.

    Great, helpful tips! thanks!


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