Leellian Lau Trial Hair and Makeup

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leellian is having her wedding in Manila in January next year. She is from Singapore so she was here only for a short time to fix her January wedding.

The first time I met Leellian (which was only a few days ago), the first thing I noticed was her lovely skin. I knew that a sheer layer of airbrush makeup would look best. She didn't need a whole lot because her skin was youthful.

She had nicely shaped dainty arcs that framed her face well. I emphasized on the blush and the lashes for her bridal look.

Leellian's real charm is her smile. She really brought the makeup to life and she already looked glowing even though she wasn't wearing her gown yet!

Tony wasn't able to do the actual bridal hair because she had products on her hair, and the curls couldn't last. But we were able to take a few pictures before we let her hair loose.

This is Leellian's bridal look:

Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich

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