Rachel and Barni: Smoky Eye for Day

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Makeup for Rachel and Barni Alejandro was fairly easy. First of all, they are both very beautiful and secondly, they booth look good in almost any eye shadow shade! Hehehe...

I dolled up the sisters with a different take on the traditional smokey eye. Still staying with dark neutrals for contouring and shading, I went for a light lid. I did this style to show other women that even during the day, one can pull of the smokey eye.

Keep the rest of your face simple and nude and remember to wear something light and colorful so that it won't make your makeup look too dramatic and heavy like you were going somewhere.


Eyes: Light gold shimmer shadow, medium-beige shimmer eye shadow, something like Mac's Smut shimmer eye shadow (cool brown), light gold shadow for highlighting, black liquid liner, black pencil liner, very black mascara.

Cheeks: A soft-peach pink blush

Lips: Coral-pink lipstick plus your favorite gloss


1. After applying and setting your base, define your brows using a coordinating powder shadow or any other eyebrow product with a flat brow brush.

2. On the inner lid, apply your beige shimmer shadow and blend to cover the entire lid. Apply your cool brown shadow lightly in the outer crease, and darken the crease using a darker shade of brown by sweeping them starting from the outer corner blending your way in. Highlight your brow bone with the light gold shimmer shadow. On the lower lash-line, sweep some product from the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to blend well!

3. With your black pencil liner, line your eyes. The thickness and intensity is completely up to you. For the brave ones, line the inner rims of your eyes for a more fierce look. Then, line your upper lid with the liquid liner.

4. Curl and apply your mascara. I usually coat lashes with 2 coats, but you can go up to 3!

5. Sweep the apples of your cheeks with your peach-pink blush with an angled brush blush.

6. Top the look with your gloss, using your lipstick first as the base!

Here are the tearsheets from the issue:

Photographed by Doc Marlon Pecjo
Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome
Hair by Jerry Javier
Editorial: Metro Weddings

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