Ivory Ezpeleta Trial Hair and Makeup

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My lovely bride from Singapore, Ivory, who resembles Hilary Swank...

The look I did for Ivory is something that would suit her personality. Well, we've only just met but my first impression of her was that she was very sweet and soft spoken, kind and really smiley. So my look for her was something sweet as well.

I used colors such as "blushing bride", "bashful" and "spring fling". Just like Hilary's features, she has such strong features that make her look mataray so I lightened her eyebrows to brighten up her face to soften her lovely features.

I was planning to put gloss on her, but after my first coat of lipstick on her, she already loved it so we skipped the gloss which turned out just right for her too because she had such lovely full lips.

Photography and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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