The Big Switch

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

For years, I have been using Makeup Forever's Brush Cleaner... But as the months/years went by, it got harder and harder to wait for the supply to come (*tear*), every time it was out of stock, I would use Beauty Bar's own brand of Makeup brush cleaner but I found it a little bit too oily. I was too stubborn to try anything else after that... So instead of cleaning my brushes every after use with an instant cleaner like Makeup Forever's, I would wash them every time with shampoo and leave them over night to dry on my brush rack. It was soooo hard.

Finally, I was running out of shampoo and got tired of running to the supermarket to get some. I finally bit the bullet and got myself a bottle of MAC's brush cleaner. I used it immediately as soon as I got home from working behind the curtains at Metro Society's fashion show last night. And lo and behold, I was really happy with it! It doesn't smell like alcohol like most cleaners do, and it doesn't dry the brush hairs. So now I am back to shampooing my precious brushes every 4 days, and cleaning them with an instant cleanser after each use.

Will definitely grab myself another bottle before this one runs out.

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