Vidal Sassoon Experience

Monday, December 07, 2009

I have always been obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's laid back, out-of-bed, type of curls. I have invested in different tools in the past but never got to achieve it. The closest I've ever gotten in creating the look was when I was shot for Preview Magazine's Powder Room feature:

I didn't make use of a curling iron for this look. I just used some mousse and a whole lot of elastics. Through the years, I have watched hairstylist after hairstylist create Jen's look by the use of a curling iron. I finally got myself one from Vidal Sassoon! I couldn't find a picture of the one I got. I got a ceramic one that is gold, 32mm barrel to create big curls.

I practiced on my sister (like 5 sections on one side only)... But I could already tell that if I did stick to curling her whole head, I'll be able to create the look I have been aiming for!

Ok, I think I found the right tool... It's just a matter of whether I will have the perseverance to curl my entire head! Hahaha!

I give this iron a TEN!!

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