Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I did the makeup of the Alog family today for a wedding. The mom of the groom, the sister-in-law (Stacey), and the flower girl (Reese). They were all so very lovely and had nice skin so I didn't have to use a whole lot of makeup on them. Tita and Stacey opted for airbrush. Of course, baby girl Reese didn't need to be airbrushed so a hypo-allergenic, baby-friendly tinted moisturizer was all she needed for coverage.

Stacey just gave birth so she a little bit of dry spots around her face. Going for a dewy look was the way to go for her to make her skin look plump and moist.

I took some pics, but unfortunately I am not happy with the lighting when I took them. That's why I had to brighten up the picture the best way I can just so I can show you the makeup.

Makeup and Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich

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