The Quintessential Facial Brush

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You can easily enhance your facial exfoliation process by using a facial brush. Facial brushing helps remove dead skin, keeps your skin smooth and stimulates blood circulation in your facial skin. By stimulating the circulation in your face, your skin tone will improve and help firm the skin. Your skin will become softer and smoother... And black and white heads free!

Every time you use it – it’s like a mini facial massage! It’s a fabulous way to spoil yourself during your weekly facial cleaning routine.

My steps: On dry skin, I remove my make-up with Lancome's Huille Eclat, a deep cleansing oil for the face and eyes. I massage my face for about 3 minutes using light circular motions. With a facial brush (I personally use a soft-bristled short handled brush), scrub your face gently in circular motions for about 3 minutes. Then, with luke warm water, wash your face and pat dry. NEVER scrub the towel on your face, just patting it will do.

Only do this regime once a week so that you won't scratch your new skin.


1. Keep your facial brush in optimum shape by rinsing it after use and air-drying it. Placing it on top of a drying rack is best so that it won't sit on a pool of water which can cause build up of mildew and bacteria.

2. Remember to moisturize and apply tons of sunblock when you do facial brushing. This removes dead skin cells so your skin is exposed more to UV rays. Be sure to use at least 30spf on your face.

Types of Facial Brushes:

The soft bristled rounded brush

The long handled facial brush

The silicone facial pad

The electronic facial brush

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