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Monday, May 31, 2010

I was going around SM Makati doing some shopping for the house today. I was waiting for the car to pick me up when I chanced upon Lola cosmetics in the cosmetics area at the ground floor.

The reason why I decided to check it out was coz their counter was so attractive and so sexy :) Their color theme was Black, red, and white, and had really cute packaging! Their concept kind-of reminds me Victoria's Sexy Cosmetics collection but instead of their hot pink and black colors, Lola's is red... Fire engine red.

One of the reasons why I also fell in love with Lola's cosmetics is that their products are unscented! Some cosmetics are just too fragrant that on a hot dat, the fumes usually give me a headache. Their range of lipsticks are also very everyday-makeup friendly. They don't have too much of the dramatic and fashion colors, mostly pinks, nudes, and browns which is absolutely perfect for everyday use!

They have sheers and cream lipsticks, and a wide variety of glosses in pots too! Those gloss tubes that you see are actually tinted plumpers!

I was due for a new face powder so I tried their pressed powders. The product feels light on the skin and doesn't have perfume which I just adore! I usually use mineral pressed powder that I get from the US, but Lola is just on of the few brands that have shades that match my skin tone perfectly (lucky me!) I got the shade in SAND which is yellow based and maybe equivalent to beige or nude. I found that applying the powder with the velour puff gives a more sheer coverage, and by applying with a sponge will give a heavier coverage.

I was also able to buy a lipstick. I got a nude-pink shade that is perfect for everyday use, the shade is called "DAHLIA". I love pairing shades like these with a clear gloss or a baby pink shimmer gloss. Oh girls... You will absolutely fall in love with their lipstick's packaging! Aside from it being red, the cover has a flap that flips open that will pop a small mirror!

Oh! Did I mention that Lola cosmetics is the sister company of SkinFood! So you know that their products are safe and hypoallergenic! ♥ Anyhoo... While I was in the mood for makeup shopping (finally shopping for my own makeup, and not for my professional kit!), I also got a lipliner from SkinFood which is close to the lipstick shade that I bought. It's also a soft shade of pink on the nude side so I can use them together! The pencil itself is that twisty-type thing so you wouldn't have to keep sharpening. Shade #3:

The prices aren't at all bad too! They're very affordable and you won't have to sacrifice quality. Really is value for money! Lola's lipsticks are PhP 1,000 each. The lipliner is only PhP 325! The pressed powder is a little bit pricey, but it's a good investment.. price is PhP 1,600 but if you hurry, you get a 10% discount and comes out as PhP 1,450 instead!

I can't wait to try their other products! I am intrigued with their bronzers and illuminizers! As soon as I get one, I'll tell you all about it too. These products definitely makes a yummy addition to my kikay kit! Oh! And to those girls who sent me an email asking me what's in my everyday kikay kit, check out my next post!

Check out more information on Lola Cosmetics at! ♥♥♥ Made in Italy, Distributed in California.

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