"Sabs? What is in your kikay kit?"

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey girls! Finally I had the time to write to you about what's in my daily kikay kit! These are my essentials when I go out of the house. Just a few products for quick touch ups!

In no particular order:

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler -By far, the best eyelash curler there is!
2. SkinFood Lipliner
3. Lola Pressed Powder
4. Lola day lipstick
5. MAC bronzer
6. Mini Kabuki brush
7. Gatsby Black Oil Blotters
8. MAC Eyebrow Tint in GirlBoy
9. Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder Palette -I just looove Tita Fanny's Eyebrow Powder! It's affordable too!
10. Carmex Lip balm for cold sores
11. Blush -This blush is actually The Body Shop's Shimmer Blush, when I dropped it and it shattered, I bought a small empty pot and put the shattered pieces in it and it still does the job perfectly well!
12. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Dual Liquid lip color and gloss in Wet & Bare
13. Tears Naturale -Very crucial in a kikay kit to keep your eyes hydrated when they dry out because of the fumes that come from makeup products.
14. Fanny Serrano mini eyebrow angled brush
15. Your beauty essentials needs a home so get one in a bright color to easily spot it in your bag! I just love Prada's colorful nylon kits, they're water resistant and durable!

As you can see, I don't have any eyeshadows in my kit. I leave those at home :) Usually, I bring my kikay kit when I run to my meetings and need quick touch ups in the car. When I wear eyeshadow for a night out, I apply my makeup at home where I can take my time and wash it off when I make a mistake!

What's in YOUR kikay kit? :) Send me an email! Send a photo of the contents of your kikay kit just like I did here, and enumerate your products! Share with other girls why you love using those product so you can share with other beauty enthusiasts!

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