Glamour Shots

Thursday, June 24, 2010

After my appointments today with clients for their trial sessions, I asked my sister to come over and have a shoot at my little studio at home. Here's is the outcome of our shoot today:

I airbrushed her face and did everything else by hand. I just love my sister's look because her face is really versatile. She looks good in any color because of her yellow toned skin. Her eyes also are fun to put makeup on because she has a par of gorgeous deep set eyes.

Lately, I have been craving for glamour and fashion makeup. Playing with colors is something I really love to do, something that I can't really do with my brides because classic, elegance, and simplicity is really still best for brides. So I am hoping for more free time soon so that I can shoot some more glamour makeup!

Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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