KT's Summer Look

Friday, June 04, 2010

I have been doing Kate's makeup for a while and she always looks good in any eye shadow color! From black to nude, she always gives a radiant glow! I have always envied her beautiful clear skin. Even when she comes to me tired from the night before, her skin always maintained it's glow and suppleness. So, I airbrushed her skin with a light layer just to even out her skin tone.

Kate is judging a contest tonight in M Cafe and a gig after at Saguijo at 11. I wanted to make her look versatile. Something fresh for her judging stint, and something that last and withstand the harsh lights on stage her singing gig.

So instead of using the typical black, grey and mauve palette, I decided to use bronze colors on her. Sun kissed skin, warm dewy cheeks, and smokey eyes without the heaviness of it. I used NARS' eyeshadow duo in scorching sun.

At first I was having second thoughts on using this palette on Kate since she has fair skin and a yellow undertone. So I started with a light bronzer to check her skin's compatibility with golden undertones. It was amazing! Gold still looks good on her!

For her cheeks, I used Shu Uemura's Glow On blush. I combined 2 shades which are P76 which is a pearlized golden brown shade, and P94 which is an icy beige for highlighting the apples of her cheeks. For her cheekbones, I used Shu Uemura's P42, which is a light (almost white) pearl shell peach shade.

I kept Kate's lips nude and glossy for her judging stint, and I asked her to use a darker nude lip gloss for her gig ♥

Oooh!! I am luvin' her new hairstyle by the way!! So fresh and soooo Jennifer Aniston! ♥

Makeup and Photography by Sabs Hernandez
Product shots courtesy of Google images
Hair by Kate

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