Let your skin benefit from BeneFit!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Every time I visit the US, I make it a point that I pass by Sephora and pick up my favorite items from BeneFit.

This cosmetic brand carries special quick-fix products for every gal :) I use their cosmetic for professional use because they are very skin friendly, and their products smell so yummy!

Here are my top pics from BeneFit that can't go missing in my makeup kit!

HIGH BEAM -I just love mixing this product with foundation! It enhances the skin and makes the skin glow! Perfect for brides or for personal use!

EYECON -Ooh lala! Another must have product for brides and women is this eye brightener! A creamy product to help minimize dark circles and brightens your entire makeup look!

STAY DON'T STRAY -This product is truly amazing! I love using this myself when ever I put makeup on. It makes concealers and eyeshadows stay where they are! It acts like a primer and a sealer!

SHE LAQ -This product makes eyeshadow, eyeliners, and mascara stays put! After putting on your makeup, just dip the corresponding brush in this formula and apply directly on the area. Just let it dry for a little bit and it stays put the whole day!

HIGH BROW PENCIL -Another miracle product! Just apply this pencil in little dots in the arc of your brow and blend! This will give the illusion of perfectly arched eyebrows!

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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