Q & A: Neck Pigmentation

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Q: "Hi Sabs!

I have a problem. I have had a dark neck for as far back as I can remember. I don't know what it's called but it's that dark ring around the neck. Even though I scrub it, it still stays darker and it's as if it grows darker as time goes by.

I work in Makati as a sales executive, so I walk around under the sun. I've tried bleaching it but nothing seems to work! What should I do?" [sent via AskSabs on June 1, 2010]

-Cynthia, Marikina

A: Hi Cynthia!

I can definitely relate to this! Growing up, I had the same problem around my neck. I even tried bathing in lemons, and vinegar but nothing seemed to work. After careful research online and talking to my dermatologist friend who has a clinic in Makati Med told me a few tips on what to avoid and what action to take to cure neck pigmentation:

Spaying fragrance to the neck area may have caused this pigmentation. Many perfumes have photo-sensitisers in the form of fragrance fixatives: these fixative agents when exposed to the sun cause the pigmentation. Avoid scrubbing your neck with a loofa. Repeated scrubbing can cause the skin to darken.

Having established the cause of the pigmentation, please consider there is no point in pursuing any other skin treatment program without doing these next three important things.

You must stop spraying fragrance onto the neck area.

You must avoid sun exposure.

To begin fading the pigmentation you must begin by applying a sun block to the affected area on a daily basis. Use at least SPF 30.

Another miracle product that worked for me is Eskinol Classic!

I first learned about Eskinol from a cousin of mine. I have always noticed how fresh and clear her skin was, and her secret was Eskinol. It took me a while to finally get myself a bottle. So I went to Landmark and chose the best formula for me. I found that Eskinol has a whitening formula, so this is what I bought.

After a week, my neck started to show improvement. It was getting lighter!

Eskinol also gives that "cooling" minty effect after application so it's really perfect for the summer heat!

Buy a small bottle and apply on a small portion of your neck and see if you get any reaction, if after an hour you don't have any reaction to the product, then use this twice a day! Moisten a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area.

I also use this product on my elbows!


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