Eyebrow Razors

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just loooove going to Japan Home ♥ This is where I love to browse for storage stuff for my makeup kit! Everything they sell is PhP88.00 or less!

Anyway, during one of my recent trips to the store, I found small pink boxes on top of their cashier counter... Being a pink freak that I am, I couldn't help but check them out. As it turned out, they are boxes of razors!

I figured that they can be used on shaping eyebrows because of the long handles and the way that the blade is positioned. It's just like those 'real' eyebrow shavers that you usually see in cosmetic counters at the department store:

The one I found in Japan Home Centre though doesn't have those plastic fringes that goes around the blade for protection, so you have to take EXTRA care when you're using it. I tried it out on the hair on my thumb (yes, I actually shaved it off), just to get the feel of the blade. And it's uber sharp! I didn't have to use repeated strokes to shave the hair off! I just love it!!

They cost PhP66.00 for a box of 5, so you'll be using them for a long long time. Usually, stores sell them for about PhP70.00 for 3 razors. AND they're pink! Hahaha! If you do decide to get for yourself, please please PLEASE take extra care when you use them!

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