Would you pair dark lips with smokey eyes?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dark eye shadow and bold lips are the biggest trends during fall and winter, but the classic repeated rule of makeup artists is to choose either a strong eye or strong lips but never, ever both at once.

But ever-fashionable actresses like Megan Fox, Diane Kruger and Christina Aguilera defied this beauty commandment by pairing a dark matte red lipstick with a dramatic smoky eye for the red carpet or a premiere and did they look pretty darn amazing!

But, like many of celebrities' looks, this look may be one better left to evenings out (when you're bold enough) or for photoshoots and runways.

If you have strong features, try going for a softer makeup look to soften your features. If you are bored with your look, you can always pull of this look for a night out. Just keep the smokey eyes muted a little bit and a lighter red. Try using lip gloss, matte lipsticks make a makeup look look very heavy.

After I applied Lancome's Contour Pro Lip Pencil on Margs' lips, I topped it off with Sephora's Lush Flush Wine Lip & Cheek Stain! Then topped it off with MAC's lip glass in clear. Experiment and mix colors until you find the shade that best suit your color tone!


Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Modeled by Margs Lopez
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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  1. I noticed how they were barely wearing any blush, maybe that's the trick to keep it from looking too overpowering.

    1. I agree! :) Thank you so much for dropping by! XOXO


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