Do Grooms Really Need Makeup?

Monday, July 12, 2010

First of all, it is not uncommon for men to wear makeup specially in the acting, beauty, and fashion industry. Putting on makeup for editorial photo shoots is a must to make it easier for the photographer to retouch. Not only that, male models need to look very 3 Dimensional to make them look chiseled, tanner, or very matte (oily skin can reflect too much light) and doesn't look good in magazines. These male models are used to wearing makeup, and are very conscious about touching their face. They have makeup artist and other people wiping their sweat for them in between clicks of the camera. Film making also magnifies the actors' skin 100x specially on tight takes so they really need to pile on the makeup to withstand all the lights, the cameras, and the heat. Without makeup, they will tend to look very pale and flat.

Makeup artists like me have to exaggerate these models jaw lines, cleft chins, nose lines, and cheekbones to make them look more high fashion and more model-esque when walking down the runway or posing for photo shoots.

For grooms on the other hand, makeup is not necessary. They are not used to wearing makeup, for some, have never worn makeup in their whole lives, and wearing some on your wedding day might make them too conscious (may show in photos), or make them feel very uncomfortable. There are some grooms who are worried about their exceptionally dark circles showing in photos. The thing about wedding photos, is that making everything look as real as possible. Including making the groom look as masculine and "rough" as possible. "Real-life" grooms are not usually seen wearing makeup in their everyday lives, and wearing some on your wedding day might look a little off. Take this couple photographed on the left. They are my real bride and groom in the past and he has a position in the government. I asked him if he wanted to wear makeup and he said no. So it really depends on your groom. Ask him, don't decide for him. Some photographers retouch minor acne problems and pimples using photoshop for really closeup photos so don't worry. Ask your photographer if he can do this for you and your groom.

Ask your wedding day makeup artist what they intend to do with the grooming your groom. Some artists like putting makeup on grooms (that is non-negotiable) to make the bride and groom look uniformed, but some don't. Don't decide for your groom, he is the one wearing his makeup not you. Discuss makeup with your artist together with your groom and let him decide. Men are not conscious about makeup on their face like girls; so come wedding day, they just might wipe it all off anyway. The most important thing is his comfortability with makeup. For this couple on the right, the groom opted for just a little anti-shine product that is light and transparent. It lasts the whole day and he won't be conscious about messing up his makeup!

All photos taken from archive

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