How To Add Contour To Eye Makeup

Monday, July 05, 2010

When putting on makeup, contouring is crucial to add depth and definition to avoid looking flat. Specially in photos. Makeup artists take lots of practice to master this technique to make contouring look as natural as possible. I will put some tips and tricks here for you to master these techniques as well so that you can apply them on yourself.
  • Apply a base eye shadow that you will apply on your entire eye lid. This shade should be a color slightly brighter than your natural skin tone so that if will give dimension to your eye lids when we're done. A cream base works best to make powder eyeshadow last. Try MAC's paint pots in painterly. Then apply a base shadow on top of the cream shadow like BONE or LIGHT GOLD.

  • Choose a contour color. The color that you should choose should look like a shadow (a natural shadow on places that light can't hit your face) and be a dark, contrasting color to the base. Popular colors include caramel taupe, dark brown or charcoal. Matte finish works best.

  • Lift the skin above the eye by gently lifting the brow with a finger on the opposite hand than the one you're using to apply the contour. Lifting the eye will open up the crease. Tilt your head back (as you would when applying mascara) to clearly see your crease.

  • Load the shadow brush with the contour color (and tap excess), sweep the contour in the crease of the eye starting from the outer corner of your eye, working your way in. When blending, fade the color as you move toward the eye. Use a light touch to gently sweep the shadow back and forth until the desired amount of color is achieved. When you release your lift of the eye, you should be able to see the color above the crease.

  • Blend the contour. Use a new brush or clean the brush. This will help remove excess product on your eye and will avoid adding more color on your lids. Lift up the eye again, and blend the contour shadow by sweeping the brush back and fourth until no harsh shadow lines are visible.

    Contouring adds depth and character to any eye makeup. This will help open up your eyes specially when you top it with 2 coats of mascara on your curled lashes!




    MAC 217 BRUSH


    MAC 224 BRUSH

    Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
    Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
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