A HOT TREND THAT SHOWS no sign of waning, shimmery makeup continues to be all the rage as it makes its way to the next season.

Wearable and versatile, shimmer blends well with the optimistic spirit of the New Year. It not only gives skin a fresh, dewy glow, it also works well with high-pigment eye shadows, blushers and lip colors.

While runway models and celebrities make it look easy, applying shimmer in real life can prove a little difficult. Knowing what shimmer to choose, how to wear it when you’ve got fine lines, and how to minimize if you’ve applied too much are just some of its challenges.

Lancome makeup artist Sabs Hernandez provides solutions to these and more tips on wearing shimmer.

Highlight one feature at a time. A little shimmer does a lot to bring out one’s features; but unless you want an oily-looking face, it is best to keep it to a minimum. Keeping the focus on only one feature prevents makeup from looking greasy or dirty.

“Highlighting your entire face with shimmer will not look flattering, it will look like grease,” says Hernandez. If you’re after that dewy skin effect, “mix matte loose powder with a bit of shimmer.”

And if you’ve gone overboard with the product, simply minimize by patting on pressed powder.

Choose extra fine particles. When it comes to shimmer, size matters. The rule of thumb when buying shimmery makeup: The finer the particles, the better it will look. “Too big particles, like glitter, will make you look like a Christmas ornament,” Hernandez said. “I highly recommend using an iridescent powder, especially when highlighting features like the forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge and chin. This type of shimmer is so fine that it looks flawless in person and on camera.”

Where to apply shimmer

Shimmer, when applied on the right places, can bring out best features and give your face depth and dimension. “For me, the best place to highlight is the cheekbones, as it gives your face an instant lift, making you look five pounds lighter,” suggests Hernandez.

For an easy daytime look, “try wearing a wash of pastel shimmer shadow on your lids and pair with gloss,” and to create a fresh, understated look for the evening, “apply shimmer on brow bones, cheekbones and chin.”

Another way to wear shimmer is to mix loose shimmer powder with body lotion: “Apply on shoulders to highlight and give you that sexy glow.”

Shimmer for fine lines. If you have fine lines and are afraid to use shimmer, you shouldn’t be. “Shimmer actually minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines because its particles reflect light,” explains Hernandez. A trick for brightening up your eyes is to “mix concealer with loose shimmer powder.” This will reduce the appearance of fine lines and minimize darkness under eyes.

Add a dose of shimmer to smoky eyes. Too matte shadows tend to look chalky. Choosing shadows with a generous blend of shimmer not only makes application easier, it beautifully highlights the eyes. “If you are doing smoky eyes in a black or gray shade, shimmer is always best because it gives funkiness to the look while creating an updated version of the ’50s or ’60s look.”