How To Wear Colored Eye Shadow In A Classy & Sophisticated Way!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In recent seasons, the use of colored eye shadow has once again become fashionable. More and more fashion giants have been using colorful shadows on the runway and print ads. Using colored shadows is a really a fun way to update your look when you get bored with your everyday makeup routine. This time around though, colored shadows are much more used in a subtle manner, Unlike in the 80's when shadows are applied from lash lines to the brow bones. To use colored eye shadow in a sophisticated manner you need to select flattering colors and apply them with care.

A splash of color can really bring out your eyes and can make or break your look, so randomly just picking any color that you like or have seen in the glossies isn't always the best tactic. You also don't want to choose shadows that matches the color of your outfit, but instead, choose colors that best complements them. If you are wearing green, purple tones help bring out your eyes. Brown and black outfits tend to look fabulous with green, or blue shades. Blues and purples can look good with pink or plum colors.

Application tips

When working with colors, it is best to start your make up with your eyes. This allows you to clean up any mistakes, or specks of dropped eye make up before applying foundation. One fail-safe trick is to apply a generous amount of loose powder under your eyes so that the powder can catch the colored eye makeup product. After you apply your eye makeup, you can just easily brush off the loose powder.

* When it comes to applying colored eye shadow you need to make sure you have the right tools at hand. You will need a good quality blending brush and lots of translucent powder.

* Don't try to apply your color all the way up your brow bone; it should be used as a highlight. You could try applying it as a V in the socket, or work it closely along the lashes.

* Remember that dark colors make areas of your eyes recede, whereas light colors bring them forward. So make sure you also consider how the use of color affects your eye shape. If you have small or deep set eyes, only use color in the outer thirds of your eyes, otherwise you are likely to make them look even less open. If however, your eyes are widely spaced or big, you might like to take the color right in to the inner corner.

* When using color, you need to make sure it is blended in really well with the base neutral that you have covered your lid with. You don't want the color to look chunky and stripe like. A blending brush will help take the hard edges away. You can also apply translucent powder over the top to graduate the color.

Finally, if you do decide to play your eyes up with color, make sure you keep your cheeks and lips fairly soft and neutral. Only one feature should be strongly highlighted.


Get the eye makeup look on these models!

Applying blue eye shadow is a little tricky. Too much can make it look like a black eye, and not enough can make you look ashy. When you buy blue eye shadow, choose one that looks bright in the pot but not neon.

Start by patting eye shadow on your lids from lash lines up to your crease and flipping a little bit at the outer corners to make your eyes look opened.

Blend the lines with a silver/white shadow to minimize the appearance of hard lines. Apply shadow also on your lower lash lines for more drama. You can skip this step if you will be wearing this during the day.

To wear gold eye shadow, pair it with another color that will compliment it like olive green. Gold eye shadow alone can make your skin look too yellow and sallow, and by pairing it with another color can compliment it even more.

Apply the gold shadow the same way, and line your lash lines (both upper and lower) with an olive green shadow with a flat liner brush. Blend and smudge the greens and create a smokey effect so that it will blend well with the gold.

Remember not to over do it. Less is always more, and a little color is just supposed to accent your look not to over power your whole entire outfit. You want to give focus on the eyes but not completely draw all the attention to them.

Most important tip is to just have fun and experiment! For beginners, try to avoid brands with too much color pigment. These tend to be harder to blend and erase when you make mistakes. Try basic beauty products like Maybelline, L'Oreal, or Fashion Serrano. Their shadows are very easy to blend and just gives a hint of color. You won't get intimidated specially when you're a newbie with wearing colored eyeshadow.



Photographs used for Inquirer Super, Makeup by Sabs Hernandez, Hair by Tony Dusich

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