Myla Cho

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My client Myla Cho will be a secondary sponsor in a wedding today in Tagaytay. She booked me a couple of months ago and we got a long instantly. She's a lovely girl (who looks so young I didn't know she was married with 2 kids!), with shoulder length hair. Myla wanted to do a "Diyosa" look for the wedding alongside her friends at the wedding (who all had long hair), so she bought extensions.

But first, let's talk about the makeup. Myla has never tried airbrush before so she opted for airbrush makeup. She fell in love with it instantly! I only brushed a single layer or airbrush on her since she had clear skin.

She wanted a fresh no-makeup makeup look but I suggested that we do a light smokey eye so that she won't look too "bride-y" and will go well with her hair. This was also the first time she did this makeup look too.

What I did was create a smokey dramatic eye for her, and still did the fresh look that she wanted. I didn't want to contour a whole lot to avoid making her look too bronze and tanned. She wanted to look fair.

For Myla's hair, she bought lots of extensions! She had shoulder length straightened hair (and thick too!) and this is what Tony created for her hair!

I was soooo jealous! Hehehe...

Photographed by Sabs Hernandez
Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich

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