All New Perfect Cream Liner

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Who doesn't love eyeliners? Don't you?

I just love eyeliners! Whether it be pencil, liquid, kohl, or black eyeshadow, I just adore them! I am always on the lookout for the perfect eyeliner.

I discovered another great eyeliner aside from that Liquiline from Cover Girl. This time, I wanted to tell all the other girls who are in a tighter budget.

I get numerous emails from girls who are asking for advise regarding the best budget-friendly gel liner out there and I have found it!

I tried and tested Fanny Serrano’s gel eyeliner a few months back and I found that after a few days, the gel inside the pot easily started drying up and not even wetting it restored its full use. Even though I kept the pot tightly closed, it still dried up.

So I decided to try ELF Studio’s newest product, Cream Eyeliner (P249.75). It promises long wear and it being smudge proof so I bought myself a pot. I’ve had it with me for about a week and it’s only today that I wore it from 9am until 6pm.

SUCCESS! The liner stayed put even without setting it with black eyeshadow on top of it! It lives up to its promise it being creamy. It glides on easily too! And oh! Did I mention that it’s über waterproof? It really sticks and really won’t smudge!

I used a fine point liner brush by GITA from Landmark (P44.75) to apply the liner and you can easily create winged liner looks just like how Angelina Jolie sports it!

Try it over the counter first if you wish before buying the pot, I wouldn't advise it though since counter testers aren't always sanitary (some women like double dipping, and our eye area is very sensitive). 

Keep those beauty questions coming, girls!

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