Blushing Lippie

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My cousin who works for Tupperware Brands gave me a lipstick from their Colour Collection Line.

A creamy lipstick that glides on easily on your lips even without a lip primer or a balm.

I love that it smells like MAC’s lipsticks and that it’s not exactly matte nor is it glossy.

The color is named Tea Rose which I think is just divine. A pastel pink colored lipstick that is über feminine perfect for everyday use.

The reason why I just love bright colored lipsticks is that it can brighten up your complexion and it’s girly. Hehehe… So enough of those nude coffee, or mocha colored lippies and try bright colored lipsticks today! You will immediately notice the lift effect it gives!

Try the different shades from the Colour Collection by Tupperware. Just

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