Chrome Detailing

Thursday, September 06, 2012

At Chanel’s Fall 2011 Runway show, liquid-y metallic eyeshadow was seen on model’s created by Chanel’s director of makeup, Peter Philips. He created a silky, silver eye that was just extremely sophisticated and elegant.

I have women sending me emails asking me about metallic eyeshadow and I figured that there’s no better time to write about it than now when most runways are sporting metallic shadow.

I don’t know why the camera registered my eyeshadow to be blue, but I promise you that the shades I used are honest to goodness silver eyeshadow.

I did a silvery, dark and dramatic look like from the Vera Wang Fall 2011 Show. I used Shawill’s Glitter Gorgeous Eyeshadow (P128/single shadow) in 05 (highlight), 11 (base), and 12 (definition and contour). These shadows are more metallic and pearlized than it is glittered so don’t be fooled by its name.

Allow me to tell you a little something about this eyeshadow. This actually is my secret weapon when I am doing fashion shoots. These products are so pigmented that it registers so well on camera. But for photography makeup, be careful where you place metallic products for they may throw the overall effect of the lighting on the face. Too much can make you look too greasy.

This eyeshadow lasts longer than I expect it to be. I tested it myself and it lasted the whole day without retouch. They have lots more fun colors too so give it a try. If you will use metallic (remember, metallic is different from glitter) during the day, I recommend applying only at the lash lines up to the center of your lid. Going up all the way to your crease will make you reflect too much light during the day making your eyes look smaller than they actually are.

All shades come from the same Glitter Gorgeous Eyeshadow line which Is very pigmented so you don’t have to use a whole lot.

Start by applying the base shadow (11, silver) on your lids from your upper lash lines going a little past over your crease. If you want a more intense color, dampen brush and dip in shadow. Pat your brush on your lids like you are pressing the product on your lids rather than doing that wiper motion with your brush.

Next, use the highlight to blend the edges of your base by applying product on your brow bones blending the edges of your base well blending the 2 shades together in this area.

Define your creases by dipping a dry brush on your definition powder (12) and tapping excess. Start from the outer corner of your eye working your way toward the center, but make sure not to do the wiper motion again. When you get to the center of your eye, start again at the outer corner so that most product will be deposited at the outer corners and then fading towards the inner corner of the eye.

Use your favorite eyeliner pencil in black to define your lash lines and blend your definition eyeshadow on top of it to give a smokey effect. The thicker the liner, the more dramatic your eye makeup look will be. Curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara.

I found that using all shiny products can be a little over done if you are not on the runway, so use a metallic eyeshadow base and using a matte highlighter and definition powder.

If you don’t want to use black, you can use other colors like purple or blue as your definition and still use your silver as a base.

Keep your foundation, blush, and lip color matte so that you will keep the focus on your eyes. Any shinier and you’ll be sporting the disco-ball look!

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