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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey gorgeous!

Ok... I have yet made another amazing discovery. For those of you who haven't browsed the local cosmetic brands recently, let me tell you this: you are missing a lot. You don't have to spend a whole lot of money to create the looks you've always dreamed of. You just have to find the right products. Although, I still do stand by my statement: If you want that perfect looking makeup, doing your makeup base right with the right foundation will give you great looking makeup. You can scrimp on other makeup but not the base whether it be your liquid, cream, or powder foundation.

Anyhoo, moving on. I have always been a big fan of colored eyeliners. But finding the right texture of the pencil is crucial. Hard liners can't be smudged and the colors are usually dull, and liners that are too soft break easily once you apply pressure.

I was canvassing for a nice affordable eyeliner pencil that one of my readers have emailed me. She was looking for a good affordable brand (preferably local) because she was just a student and was in a tight budget. That's when I discovered these very affordable, beautiful liners!

The sales associate at the Nichido counter at Landmark told me that these eye pencils have been around a while. Hmm... So I was thinking that they are a little bit quite the "un-sung heroes". They had more than 7 colors (I am now wishing I should've gotten the silver!) but these are the most useable ones in the bunch. Introducing, Nichido's Girls' Night Out Color Intense Eye Pencil (P80/each).

For those of you who do not know, I used to be sponsored by Lancome Paris for 4 fantastic years. They sponsored all my makeup (yes, it's heaven I know), and one of my favorites from Lancome is their Le Crayon Khol Waterproof pencils (P1,100):

Lancome came out with a whole bunch of beautiful useable colors depending on the season.

Like this season, which is fall, they came up with deep greens, blues and browns. But the pencil you see here (left), came out in their spring collection.

These Lancome pencils are ultra blendable and has intense colors. The colors are not matte though and neither are they glittery. It's more frosty and silky.

Now, the reason why I am telling you about Lancome's Le Crayon Khol, because I can personally tell you that Nichido's Color Intense Pencils are comparable to that of Lancome's.

UNBELIEVABLE, I know. But... It is true. Tried and tested personally by me!

With their packaging close to that of Lancome's too, I would say that the resemblance of the packaging and it's quality is pretty darn close.

To my loyal readers outside the Philippines: I am not sure if they sell these internationally. Maybe you can find some for sale at Ebay?

Nichido is a brand that I trust and recommend to young girls and ladies who want good quality makeup on a budget!

The thing is, I haven't figured out why some of the pencils say "Color Intense Eye Pencil" and some say "Eye Contour Pencil". I have yet to experiment on that one.

I just love the colors. Totally wearable ones! My favorite is the Vivid Turquoise but not all of you are brave enough yet to wear such a bold color. So we'll start with something a little bit more subtle.

The texture of the pencil is smooth. It glides on skin without you having to tug on your skin. You can actually apply it even though it's not that sharpened.

Color intensity is fantastic! I just love how I didn't have to layer the colors on to get it that bright!

Overall, I give these pencils a 10!

Watch out for my how-to video on YouTube coming soon!

'Til next time gorgeous!

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  1. MUST.TRY.THIS!! The colors are so good! I can say by the swatches you did. Reminds of NYX liners. But these are a bit cheaper. I never really check out local cosmetics that much, but I must have these!! Thanks for posting this!

    1. These pencils are amazing! You will love 'em I promise! ;P

  2. Hi Sabs! Im glad to have stumbled on your blog and read this review! For someone who's really not too fond of eye makeup and lazy at that, i bought 8 different colors and sinisipag na ako maglagay ng liner for a different look everyday! Am following your blog na. Thanks for this review! - Mills :) (Millsie Scribbles)

    1. LOL Yes, I love colored liners because they are fun and your makeup look never becomes boring! Thank you for following! HUGS!

  3. Hi Sweetie! I'm so glad my blog was able to help you out! Yes, believe it or not, you're not the only one... I get so lazy sometimes too to put makeup on myself! But liners like this update your look easily and make it sooooo easy to put makeup on, wala ng excuse! Hahaha! Thank you for the follow! I will check out your blog and will definitely follow you too! HUGS! Hope to see you here again soon!

  4. I wanted to know if it's kinda smudge proof or if its good in lining my lowerlash line :) I also like the color Vivid Turquoise hahah :D so bright and very noticeable I would like to wear it someday. Thanks for the swatches I only have a brown and black liners I never tried colorful one yet.

    1. Well, they're pretty smudge proof to me :) Although I did set the liners with the same color of eyeshadow for extra insurance! ♥

  5. Hi! Does these come in a set? I never see more than just one colour in makeup stores! :(

    1. Hi Sweetie! Unfortunately, no :( I was just lucky that day! When I passed by their counter they had just come out with these :( They sell pretty fast! Although last time I checked they had quite a few shades in Landmark Makati :)


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