Do the Messy-Do?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I have always loved the somewhat-messy and yet still put together curls look.

I was going out to meet some friends for dinner and drinks tonight and decided that I will let my hair down for a change. I used to do this look when I had longer hair and when the weather was cooler. But my whole chignon look was getting a bit boring for me.

So this afternoon after my shoot, I went to Landmark to check out the brand SPECIAL EFFECTS. I remember seeing them before on the shelves because I thought it was Bed Head since their packaging was similar. I never really stopped to check it out before but this time, I was on a quest to finding a much budget friendly curling spray other than Bed Head’s Uptight Curling Spray which I used to have with a whopping price tag of P1,700 in salons.

The packaging is really cute. The name of the product line by Special Effects is Curl Booster Scrunching and Curling Spray.

So 2 hours before I had to get ready, I sprayed my hair with the formula and curled my hair in sections with a medium sized curling iron and secured them with bobby pins. I wanted to give an ample amount of time for the formula to completely dry on my hair and let the curls set.

After putting on my makeup and got dressed, I let my hair loose and was left with sexy loose curls that doesn’t look too curling iron, goldilocks-ish, very Jennifer Aniston-ish, which I love.

After awhile though, the curls muted which was even better. I don’t know if it was because of the hairspray that weighed it down after a few hours (I heard professional hairstylists mention this before. The more hairspray you put on your curls, the more it won’t hold), or if it was the humidity. But overall staying power and effectiveness of this product is amazing!

Price of the spray is, amazingly, just P299. You can find this spray in Landmark.

And just like that, Special Effects kicked Bed Head’s sweet little ass!

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